I Love You So Much

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I Love You So Much

Love can be beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking, tender, sorrowful, splendid, or funny, and in I Love You So Much The Hideout Theatre attempts to portray all of these facets of love in one show.

Debuting in January 2014, I Love You So Much follows the interweaving love stories of a closely connected collection of characters. Two people find that their friendship is becoming something more. A father reconciles with his son. A marriage falls apart. A proposal changes everything.

These are just a few of the possibilities, because I Love You So Much is completely improvised. That means that every night of the show will be completely unique. In each show, the cast will embody entirely new characters created in the moment, and they will fall in or out of love as the stories unfold.

“It’s my belief that I Love You So Much will be an uplifting and life-affirming experience,” said co-director and Hideout Artistic Director Roy Janik. “The cast is attempting something very brave. They’re opening their hearts up on stage to give life to shows and characters that encompass the human experience… while still being funny.”

I Love You So Much runs every Saturday at 8pm in January and February of 2014.

Ensemble cast: Aaron Saenz, Andreas Fabis, Andrew Buck, Jordan T. Maxwell, Marc Majcher, Ryan Austin, Ryan Hill Bridget Brewer, Jen Kaplan, Karen Jane DeWitt, Katie Dahm, Ruby Willmann, Sam Schak

Directors: Jessica Arjet and Roy Janik

Technical Improvisers: Luke Wallens and Dean Palm

Scenic and Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler