Glitter Witch

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There are no Glitter Witch performances scheduled at the moment.

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Glitter Witch

    We’re just Fugging around this week

Only $5


You’ll Laugh, You’ll Think, You’ll say “what the Fug?!?”


It’s only $5!

Chill out with us while we mess around and make genius comedy right before your eyes. We won an award. We’re fuggin’ awesome!

Whatever, it’s $5!

Sh** the audience has said about our shows:

That was so much fun! Thank you!”- Anonymous audience member while avoiding eye contact.

Loved every minute of it! Such a creative and fun format.” – That slightly creepy guy, was he hitting on us?

My date and I are thinking about going again it was so good” – They never came back.

It was like hanging out with my mates” – Said by a British person, so you know it’s an understatement.

Wondering where to go afterward with your friends? We suggest:

Las Perlas for Bandera Shots, chips and Quac – 405 E. 7th

Casino El Camino for a really good burger and beer – 517 E. 6th

The Stephen F. Austin for fancy cocktails on their second-floor balcony – 701 Congress Ave.