District 512

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District 512

It’s the future. Improvisers must entertain us, the public, or else! They’ve been training for this moment in which they represent their district in this cut-throat competition where only one tribute will prevail!

Welcome to District 512, an thrilling improv show featuring upcoming improvisers and improv students, which combines the spontaneity of live comedy with the high-stakes drama of dystopian young adult movies and novels.

District 512 is a fully improvised show that will use suggestions from the audience to inspire our story! Audience members will be given a “mandatory” form from the “Ministry of Fun” before the show to collect suggestions and during the show the audience will act as the studio audience of the District 512 games!

You’ll see slices of life from the district (did we hear mention of the reaping?), you’ll meet all the tributes before they engage in extreme improv games presented by the hosts. In the final challenge of the show you’ll cheer the tributes on as they give final moving speeches!

Our brave improvisers step into the arena, channeling the spirit of Katniss and Peeta, to battle it out with quick wit and comedic prowess. The audience becomes the Capitol, judging the performers and deciding their fate in this hilarious and unpredictable spectacle.

Co-directors Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis have

“I loved the Hunger Games books, and then the movies when they came out,” says co-director Jessica Arjet. “I found the idea of entertainment as a punishment and a form of oppression to be horrifying and fascinating at the same time. In this show, we kick up the absurdity a bit, but we still hope to show the struggle of the characters who are oppressed.”

Will your favorite improviser survive the District 512 gauntlet? Who will emerge as the ultimate victor of the cruel and hilarious improv games?

Don’t miss this chance to witness improv comedy taken to thrilling new heights in District 512.
May the laughs be ever in your favor!

Directed by
Jessica Arjet
Andreas Fabis
Technical Improvisers
Dean Bomar
Grant Bomar
Tatiana Jitkoff, Shreyas Krishnan, Steve LaRocque, Alice Nelson, Diana Lorena Pirez, Jared Polivka, Samuel Rosen, Audrey Rachel Sansom, Mitchell Styer