Confidence Men with Joe Bill

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Confidence Men with Joe Bill

Chicago improv legend Joe Bill is in Austin for the weekend and the Hideout is presenting for one night only the multi-award-winning and nationally touring Confidence Men with Joe Bill as the special guest star.

Legendary American playwright David Mamet has a certain way with language–rapid fire dialogue, unfinished sentences, meaningful pauses, raucous cursing, jazz symphonic rhythms . . . meanwhile, Confidence Men: Improvised Mamet have a certain way of lifting that style and making it their own. In the realm of improvised theatre. Every show is a wild testosterone-fueled romp of comedy that can turn deadly serious at the drop of a hat. These six acclaimed and dishonorable menschen will sell you a plot of fuck yes in a two-act play made off the cuffs of their three-piece suits. And, yes, there will be a short musical intermission.

Featuring Tom Booker, Asaf Ronen, Chris Allen, Mike Ferstenfeld, and Jeff Britt with special guest Joe Bill from The Annoyance Theater and iO Theater in Chicago, IL. Lauren Pascale is the guest musician for the evening.