183 Dewberry Lane

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183 Dewberry Lane

Welcome to 183 Dewberry Lane, the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for the perfect family. Everything is not as it seems, though. The previous owners haven’t exactly left and aren’t particularly excited about new people moving in.

Every Saturday in February at 6pm at the Hideout Theatre, the cast of 183 Dewberry Lane will improvise a delightful horror-comedy using suggestions from the audience. Every week will be a brand-new, never-before-seen never-to-be-seen-again terrifyingly hilarious show!

It’s probably best to ignore the faucet dripping blood, or the curtains that try and choke people who walk by them at midnight or that porcelain clown that keeps trying to throw the baby out the window.

You know…maybe there is something a little strange about that house on 183 Dewberry Lane.

183 Dewberry Lane: An Improvised Horror Comedy
Saturdays at 6pm in February 

Director: Caeriel Crestin
Assistant Director: J.r. Zambrano
Technical improvisers: Alex Walker and Casey Marie
Cast: Aspen Webster, Carolina A. Andrade, Eric Peterson, Graham Snow, Greg Mihalik, Kay Krasin, Luis Salinas, Sue Woodka Jordan, Tamara Warton, Zachariah Rollins
Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Photography: Jay Mahavier

Run time: Approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes including an intermission.