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Narrative Master Class

Narrative Master Class
A 3-Month Series with Caeriel Crestin and assorted guest instructors
Tuesdays in February through May 7-9:30pm at The Hideout downtown (12 weeks total, starting February 27)

Weeks 1-4 – We’ll spend the first few weeks working on reviewing basic principles and exploring advanced principles of storytelling in the context of longform narrative improvisation. (includes a showcase in The Weekender on a Sunday afternoon)
Weeks 5-8– We’ll spend the following weeks devising a format through play and experimentation unique to the people in the class. (includes a showcase in The Weekender on a Sunday afternoon)
Weeks 9-12 – The final weeks will be spent rehearsing that format for a longer performance on a Friday or Saturday evening at The Hideout Theatre.

Caeriel Crestin is the director of many successful narrative improv shows at the Hideout, including Queering the Sequel, Mischief Managed, Super Team, Things You Love the Musical, and two seasons of What They Do in the Darkness. They are also the producer of the Hideout’s Incubator Program, and have been a prolific instructor at the Hideout for the better part of the last decade.

3 months, 2.5 hours each week / Limited space / Class held at The Hideout Theatre downtown (617 Congress Ave)