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There are no game night sessions scheduled at the moment.

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Game Night

Shake up your week with improv!

Shake up your week with improv!

Every Wednesday night is Game Night at the Hideout Theatre Annex. Spend four weeks playing improv warm-ups, games, and scenes led by one of the Hideout’s top teachers. It’s like an improv class, but there’s no performance at the end, no next level, and no expectations⁠—just ninety minutes of pure fun. Register for an upcoming month of classes (like an improv boot camp!) and get ready to have a blast.

The Hideout’s Game Night is intended for people 18 years and up. Looking for improv classes for kids? Check out our Kids Improv Classes.

Game Night is for:

– Hideout audience members who want to try out improv in a fun, easy way.
– current Hideout students and improvisers looking for extra playtime.
– anyone who wants to loosen up, have more fun, meet new people and get comfortable speaking and joking in front of groups—no experience necessary.

Class will be held at the Hideout Theatre Annex (5555 N Lamar Blvd, B103)

Upcoming sessions:

January 2020: 1/8-1/29 (four weeks)
February 2020: 2/5-2/26 (four weeks)
March 2020: 3/4-3/25 (four weeks)

Looking for more improv? Take the plunge and sign up for one of The Hideout’s upcoming Level One classes now!