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Secrets from Nov. 24, 2012

November 25, 2012 Roy Janik 0

The show from November 24th will go down in the books as one of the most intense Austin Secrets yet. Time after time, the scenes went to some raw places. There were definitely comic moments as well, but tears were shed. Here are the secrets that inspired the scenes. That […]

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Austin Secrets Season 3: The Secrets from WaffleFest

November 11, 2012 Roy Janik 0

Here are the secrets from the WaffleFest 2012 Austin Secrets show. This was a particularly interesting show because over half the audience was a group of teenage girls, who had included the show as part of their evening’s activities.large inflatable ball

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Announcing tonight’s Super Secret WaffleFest Show

November 8, 2012 Roy Janik 0

Okay, it took some wrangling, but we’re finally proud to announce what Thursday’s (tonight’s) super secret WaffleFest show at 10pm actually is. Tonight you’ll be treated to an unprecedented superstar improv show… a gathering of some of Austin’s most amazing lady improvisers in one show. LOOK AT THIS LINEUP: I […]

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The Secrets from the Season 3 Debut of Austin Secrets

November 4, 2012 Roy Janik 0

Opening night of season 3 of Austin Secrets was magical. We had a sold-out house of mostly people new to the show. We had some really silly moments. Kareem’s sarcastic whistling made me laugh so hard that I had trouble continuing the show. And of course, we had more serious […]

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Happy Unification Day

November 1, 2012 Roy Janik 5

When The Hideout was founded by Sean Hill in 1999, it consisted not only of the upstairs theater, but the downstairs theater and the coffee house as well. But over the years, that changed. The coffee house was leased out to a 3rd party early in 2003. Then when we […]