Iara Paz

Iara Paz (she/her) has been an improviser for 5 years at the Hideout Theatre. Iara has been a kids’ improv teacher for many camps, intensives, and classes. Iara has been cast in musical improv productions such as Silly Love Songs, That Big 80’s Musical, Hallmark Holiday Musical, and Bad Guy Backstory the Musical. Most recently, Iara was the Musical Director for the The Sound of Made Up Music, a Rodgers & Hammerstein-inspired musical. Iara has been an accompanist for troupes, Big Bash, and Maestro productions. After many years of choral directing and music teaching, Iara is excited to bring her know-how to the Hideout classrooms. Aside from improv, Iara is an avid nature enthusiast, gardener, pet mom, and competitive jigsaw puzzler.