That! Big! 80s! Musical!

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That! Big! 80s! Musical!

Shake up that can of Aquanet.

Pull on your most choice pair of parachute pants.

What’s your damage?!

Get ready to go back in time to That! Big! 80s! Musical!


Inspired by 80s classics like FootlooseDirty Dancing and 80s throwbacks like The Wedding SingerThat! Big! 80s! Musical! is a righteous, goofy, to-the-max like totally improvised musical comedy.

Every That! Big! 80s! Musical! show  will be completely different from the last because every character, every line, every song will be completely made up on the spot.

That! Big! 80s! Musical! will feature a soundtrack of completely improvised pop songs that could have been hits back in the day, had DEVO and Madonna hired improvisers to write their songs. Cast members will make up 80s hits on the spot with live musical accompaniment provided by musical director Ryan Fechter.

“I’m a big believer in making improv shows the best money an audience member could have possibly spent that night,” says That! Big! 80s! Musical! director Mallory Schlossberg. “This genre itself lends itself to unmitigated joy, and I – along with the cast – invite you all along to the party of the decade.”

Director: Mallory Schlossberg
Assistant Director: Shay Millheiser
Musical Director: Ryan Fechter
Lighting Improviser: James Fite
Sound Improviser: Johnny Pfrommer
Costume Design: Haylie Navarre
Stage Manager: Jeffrey Chatman
Photography: Steve Rogers
Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Ensemble cast: Anne Dowd, Autumn Mason, Jerod Espinosa-Setchko, Kelly Hasandras, Mandy Smith, Spencer Bloom, and Steph Pinto

Total Show Runtime: 90-100 min