Mischief Managed

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Mischief Managed

At Last… An Improv Show Based on the Books That Shall Not Be Named!

At the Hideout, we’ve dabbled in improvising in the world of a certain boy wizard before, but we are finally giving the wizarding world its due with a full-on run of magical shows.

Every Saturday at 8pm in November and December, Mischief Managed will chronicle the adventures of modern day students at the venerable British School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Set in the time period between the defeat of Voldemort and present day, it features a mix of beloved characters from the books and all new students, menaces, and teachers.

Get ready to escape into a world filled with wonder, whimsy, humor, and magic!

Director: Caeriel Crestin
Assistant Director: Casey Marie
Technical Director: Lindsey McGowen
Stage Manager: Sue Woodka Jordan
Assistant Stage Manager: Candace Ohm
Costumes/Props/Makeup: Ellen Pizarek & Cindy Page
Lighting: Daniel Ellsworth
Scoring: Michael Yew
SFX: Timbo de Sosa
Poster/Graphics Design: Ashlee Jordan Pryor
Photograph: Steve Rogers
Cast: Andreas Fabis, Aspen Webster, Cara Arlauskas, Cat Drago, Cindy Brio, David Ronn, Frank Sánchez, Justin Geraets, Mark Gerchak, Megan Sherrod, Nicholas Marino, Rachel Elaine Creason, Rachel Posey Austin, Way Spurr-Chen