Meat Cute

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Meat Cute

It’s a classic love story: girl meets boy, girl likes boy, girl bites boy.

She may be a zombie (or a ghost or a witch) and he may be a human, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love.

This October the Hideout Theatre presents its latest student mainstage production, Meat Cute, an improvised rom-com (with a horror twist) about star-crossed lovers from different walks of “life”.

Meat Cute is 100%-improvised, meaning each week’s show will be completely different from the next!

Using suggestions from the audience and inspiration from source material like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warm Bodies and Romeo & Juliet, the cast of Meat Cute will weave together a story of vampires/werewolves/demons and the humans who love them before your very eyes.

Catch Meat Cute every Saturday at 6pm in October. 


Directed by: Monica Martinez Maher & Ryan Austin
Technical Director: Jason Hoppenworth
Stage Manager: Kevin Sauer
Sound Effects: Candace Ohm
Scoring: Mitch Mills
Lighting Design:  Zachariah Rollins
Photography: Steve Rogers
Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Biz Gilmore, Brandi Davis, Cindy Brio, Jesus Chavez, Justin Geraets, KC Ryan, Michael Haywood, Paul Mahaffey, Retha Cioppa, Will Sebree