Love on Deck

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Love on Deck

All aboard for exciting and new romantic adventures at sea!

All aboard for exciting and new romantic adventures at sea!

Inspired by the hit television show “The Love Boat”, “Love On Deck” is an unapologetically feel good comedy set aboard a luxury cruise liner.

We’ll follow the misadventures and romantic escapades of the crew and their passengers as they navigate the emotionally choppy waters of the open seas!

The possibilities are endless:

A couple on the brink of breaking up might suddenly remember why they fell in love…
A lonely widow struggling to find joy might meet a companion who brings light into her life again.
The ship’s purser might get caught up in some mistaken identity twist!

Probably none of that will happen, but you get the idea!

DIRECTORS: Jessica von Schramm and Lahari Dunn
STAGE MANAGER: Alayna McNamara
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Cristy Salinas Lynch
Allie Maldonado, Espi Rivadeneira, Janell Bruneau, Jen Guerra, Jennifer Dorsey, Jerod Espinosa-Setchko, Nick Desai, Paulina Fricke-Fox, Sasha Stadler, Shane Gannaway, Spencer Bloom
Kristen Drenning, Melissa Saldaña, Wolfgang Bas

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.