Killer Kimchi’s Secrets

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Killer Kimchi’s Secrets

an improvised play which features a majority Asian American cast

an improvised play which features a majority Asian American cast

We’re beyond pleased to invite the show “Killer Kimchi’s Secrets” to take up residence on Thursday nights in August ‘at’ The Hideout Theatre.

Says show director M.J. Kang: “I directed this long form narrative improvised show with the genre modern play because I wanted to explore what it means to be a human being who’s also Asian American and improvise with a majority Asian cast […] You’re welcome to chat and give us suggestions during the show.”

Killer Kimchi’s Secrets is an emotionally grounded long form narrative improvised play which features a majority Asian American cast. It’s about family dynamics and the secrets we keep.

It is being hosted on Hideout Theatre’s Twitch channel.

It runs weekly on Thursdays from August 6th to 27th, 7:30PM PST/9:30PM CDT.


director: M.J. Kang
assistant director / tech: Kenzie Slottow
sound tech: Marcos Sandoval
moderator: Charlotte Brown
promo materials: Mia Safdie

Joey Rich
Karen Forman
Rebekah Chang
Brian Sniegowski
M.J. Kang
Jennifer Chan

How Virtual Shows Work

1. Buy a ticket to the show, just like you normally would.

2. Tune in to The Hideout's Live Stream a few minutes before the show starts.

3. Optionally, create a (free!)Twitch account if you would like to offer suggestions through the chat during the show.

4. After the show, share and let everyone you know about how much fun you had. We survive on word of mouth, now more than ever!

In the event of technical difficulties, we all always update the link in step 2 to point to the current Live Stream.