How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation

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How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation

It’s summertime, somewhere in 1980s America. It’s a neighborhood like so many other neighborhoods. The lawns are trimmed. The schools are good. And as the sun begins to set, the shadows seem a little bit longer. There’s something hiding in the darkness, ready to take our world as its own. Aliens? Monsters? Time travelers? Whatever the threat is, there’s only one group that can stop them…as long as they’re home before 10pm!

Inspired by suburban coming of age sci fi stories like E.T.,  IT, Monster Squad, The Goonies, and even modern homages like Super 8 and Stranger Things, How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation takes us all back to an age when it seemed like time went on forever, grown ups were the enemy, and all you needed to rule your neighborhood was a bike, a group of friends, and an imagination…all of which made you the best prepared to perceive any threat (even if those dumb old grown ups wouldn’t believe you), behold wonders (even if you had to hide them away from those dumb old grown ups), and save the world (because those dumb old grown ups sure aren’t gonna do it!).

Come save the world with us, Saturdays at 8pm May 6th through July 1st – only at The Hideout Theatre!

Ensemble Cast: Rachel Austin, Marcone Cangussu, Caeriel Crestin, Neil Dorsey, Cat Drago, Angie Epley, Haley Alea Erickson, Tyler Groce, Courtney Hopkin, Marc Majcher, Peter Rogers, Luis Salinas, Jessica Soos, Alex Walker, Aspen Webster, J.R. Zambrano
Directors – Jordan T. Maxwell, J.R. Zambrano
Technical Director – Cindy Page
Stage Manager- Bonnie Dilber
Assistant Stage Manager – Chelsea Beth
Lights – Biz Gilmore
Sound Effects – Jay Mahavier
Scoring – Lindsey McGowen
Video – Paul Henderson
Graphic & Scenic Design – Kaci Beeler
Lights/Video Swing – Nichole Bennett
Scoring/Sound Effects Swing – Jason Hoppenworth
Creature Crew Lead – Carolyn Gjertsen
Creature Crew – Jennifer Banister, Ellen Pizarek