Death by Musical

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Death by Musical

Everybody better beware! Listen closely! Don’t you move a thing! Death By Musical is coming to the Hideout Theatre Saturdays at 8pm September 10 – October 28.

Death By Musical is a completely improvised campy horror musical inspired by irreverent comedic musicals like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Evil Dead: The Musical,” and “Little Shop of Horrors”. Every week a brand new horror comedy musical will be improvised before your very eyes, complete with singing, screams, dancing, AND (fake) blood.

We’re gonna give you some terrible thrills, just sit back and watch ‘em drop! Death By Musical will be campy, sexy fun with unpredictable twists and turns. The void is calling!

“I love the idea of cuttin’ loose and being ding-dongs on stage during a time in human history like this,” says Death By Musical co-director Margaret Hunsicker. “I want there to be a sense that anything can happen, and that we’re going down the weird and wondrous rabbit hole together. While singing.”

Death by Musical – Saturdays at 8pm September 10th through October 28th!

Co-Directors: Margaret Hunsicker and Roy Janik
Musical Director: Ryan Fechter
Cast: Bridget Brewer, Chelsea Beth, J.R. Zambrano, Jordan T. Maxwell, Katie Dahm, Lahari Samineni, Mallory Schlossberg, Marc Jalandoon, Marcone Cangussu, Margaret Hunsicker, Roy Janik, Ryan Austin, Sarah Doering, Tyler Groce
Technical Director / Swing: Lindsey McGowen
Stage Manager: Tyler Lane
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Bannister
Theremin: Cindy Page
Lights: Jay Mahavier
Sound Effects: Nichole Bennett
Creature Costumes: Jennifer Bannister, Joanna Casey
Scenic and Graphic design: Kaci Beeler
Photography: Steve Rogers