Camp Madeupponaspotta

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Camp Madeupponaspotta

Okay so it’s not quite summer yet but Spring is in the air, a time for change and the end of another school year. There are these moments in our lives, these rites of passage that we all share. Summer camps are an American tradition that seem to feature a high concentration of first kisses, the formation of life-long friendships, an appreciation of nature, and of course, teenage hijinks! We all have great summer camp stories (or sports retreat, church, student council conferences, etc..), that magical time when we left our parents to learn about who we are.

Illustration of merit badges that say Improv Comedy

Come celebrate that great camp tradition with stories that are made up on-the-spot starring the cast of the Hideout Theatre’s latest show, Camp Madeupponspotta. Each Saturday in April , witness a cast of ten players spontaneously creating an ensemble of authentic teens, counselors, bears & sing-a-longs that will leave you laughing and nostalgic for those magical summer memories.

Camp Madeupponaspotta runs every Saturday at 6pm in April of 2014

Ensemble cast: Catherine Grady, David Ronn, Heather McConochie, Jillian Summar, Katie Doran, Mitch Mills, Norman Tran, Patrick Creamer, Rachel Austin, Thedward Blevins

Assistant Director: Nicole Oliver

Director: Jon Bolden (B.Iden Payne Nominated, Manhattan Stories)

Technical Improvisers: Rosemarie Frezza, Richard Gentry, Craig McGreggor

Production & Graphic Design: Jon Bolden & Kaci Beeler

Special Thanks to: Elizabeth Ruby Willmann, Roy Janik, Kareem Badr, and Courtney Hopkin