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A dark comedy about zombies, y’all!

A dark comedy about zombies, y’all!

It all starts with Patient Zero…

A mysterious new illness that brings people back from the dead, but as foul monsters with no sense of their former selves.

Watch the apocalypse unfurl as it spreads to different communities affecting people in different ways.

Will they get to safety?

Will the living survive??

Will the boy catch the girl..and EAT HER BRAINS?

No one knows, but it will be a lot of fun finding out…

Director: Jessica Arjet
Technical Director: Jason Hoppenworth
Stage Manager: Justin Wilhelm
Technical Improvisers: Mickey May, Nick Desai, Marie Young
Set Design: Kaci Beeler
Cast: Adrian Gonzalez, Andrew Butler, Ashley Blom, Bree Dietze, Haylie Navarre, Jeida Jes Mitchell, Jennifer Banister, Jimmy Wright, Mark Gerchak

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.