Writers Block

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Writers Block

There is a romantic idea of the writer…
a solitary figure, hunched over a desk, in the middle of the desert…
a forgotten sandwich by her side, as she is consumed by her work.

But sometimes writers need an outside eye.
Sometimes they get stuck. And we are here to help.

In Writers Block, brave authors will read excerpts from something they are currently working on. We’ll interview them to make sure we have the facts straight. And then we’ll bring their work to life on the stage.

We’ll see what happens next with the characters, explore backstory… Whatever the author needs to get to the next step.

It will be an exciting night, blending literature with improv, and making us laugh along the way. This is what improv is for.

Tonight’s writers are: Angela Maldonado, Caeriel Crestin, Lisa Jackson, and Jasmine Nicole Bruns

Tonight’s improvsiers are: Kayla Lane Freeman,Jayme Ramsay, Paul Normandin,& John Ratliff