Things You Love, the Musical!

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Things You Love, the Musical!

You ever love something so much you could just SING about it?

What?! Us, too!!

We made a show about it!

It’s called Things You Love, The Musical!

The Hideout Theatre presents our latest student mainstage production, Things You Love. Saturdays at 6pm in June, we will take the things YOU love and create an entire fully-improvised musical narrative from the perspective of those things!

Things You Love is inspired by the joy, wonder and delight of Pixar films and classic musicals but also by you! The cast of Things You Love will begin each performance by asking audience members about things they love and they will then create a full-length improvised musical narrative on the spot.

The cast of Things You Love is gathered from some of the most talented musical improv students at Hideout Theatre. Things You Love is helmed by the director of the student mainstage program, Caeriel Crestin who has directed past shows Soundstage 23Close Up and more. Ryan Fechter serves as musical director of Things You Love. He most recently served as musical director for last year’s runaway success at The Hideout Death By Musical.

“This cast is so talented,” says director Caeriel Crestin. “I get goosebumps and shed a couple joyful tears every single rehearsal.”

Join us at The Hideout Theatre Saturdays in June for this joyful, exuberant, silly and heartfelt completely improvised show that has never happened before and will never happen again! Don’t miss a moment!

Director: Caeriel Crestin
Musical Director: Ryan Fechter
Assistant Director: Rachel Creason
Technical Director: Cindy Ward
Stage Manager: Mia Cisco
Technical Improvisers:
Tess Forneris
Denise Hudson
Aaron Seriff-Culick
Cara Arlauskas
Casey Quinlan
Dhruv Sehgal
Hannah Milam
Jason Castro
Michael Haywood
Shay Millheiser
Tana Rogers