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The TV Set

One of the things we love at the Hideout is getting to improvise (read: play) in the worlds we grew up watching. That why over the years we’ve presented shows in the style of film noir, Woody Allen, Star Trek, Law & Order, screwball comedies, Alfred Hitchcock, and on and on.

We’re thrilled to finally have a show set aside to showcase these types of shows… shows that bring new life to the stories we love.

This month:


Dexterprov tells a never-before-seen and never-before-written episode of the serial killer drama “Dexter.”

Who will kill whom? Will Dexter get caught at his dangeous game? Will Deb act on her brotherly love? Who will the newest serial killer be? Will Batista ever stop wearing that dumb hat?

All of these questions—and one or two more—will be answered in this completely improvised show.

cast: Nicole Oliver, Mia Iseman, Justin Davis, Carlos LaRotta, Chuy Zarate, and Andy Buck


Myth Debunkers

An improvised version of Myth Busters, the TV Show. 

Does a cat always land on it’s feet?
Will combing your hair with wedding cake make your hair grow back?
Will being nice to others make you happy?

Let’s find out.