The International Improv Experience

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The International Improv Experience

“A great way brush up on your geography while laughing yourself silly.”
The Statesman

It’s truly a small world.

For the past several years, performers from the Hideout have been traveling all over the globe and making friends. Now at long last we’re collaborating with… EVERYONE.

Welcome to the International Improv Experience.

This show is both a race against the clock and a race around the world, as improvisers from as far away as Osaka, Japan issue our live performers improv video challenges.

Every challenge is a chance to earn miles, and if the show’s goal is met, a special bonus challenge will be unlocked at the end.

There has never been a show like this- an improv show that bridges languages, styles, and continents.

Our partner groups currently include (take a deep breath):

Again! Productions from Paris, France
Atlas Improv Co. from Madison, Wisconsin
Bad Dog Theatre from Toronto, Canada
Bristol Improv Theatre from Bristol, UK
Do Not Adjust Your Stage from London, UK
IGLU Theatre from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Improgrupp Jaa! from Tallinn, Estonia
ImproGuise from Cape Town, South Africa
Impro Melbourne from Melbourne, Australia
Impropets from Mexico City, Mexico
Instant Theatre from Vancouver, Canada
JadaJada Improv from Tampere, Finland
Just Improvise from Perth, Australia
KUD KIKS from Ljubljana, Slovenia
On the Spot from Honolulu, Hawaii
Osaka Improv Gathering from Osaka, Japan
Performers from Göteborg, Sweden
Rorschach Pattern 9 from Juneau, Alaska
Trickle Improv from Zelem, Belgium
The Courtyard Playhouse from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The MayDays from Brighton, UK
The Sky Babies from Galway, Ireland
The Torch Theatre from Phoenix, Arizona
Third Thought and Troupe X from Tampa, FL
Vancouver TheatreSports League from Vancouver, Canada
We Are Improv from Lancaster, UK

This is an insane undertaking and a wonderful opportunity. Come be a part of history.