The Aftermath

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The Aftermath

“If the Rapture doesn’t take you, I will not forsake you. I hope I am with you when it all comes down.” -Guy Forsyth

The world has ended. Something came and took it all away. Or something vanished and everything fell apart. Billions are dead. Civilization has crumbled. That is not our story. Our story is what comes after. A story of survivors. A story of rebuilding. A story of our first steps out of the ashes. Welcome…to The Aftermath!

Inspired by the worlds created (and destroyed) in such visionary works as World War Z, Y the Last Man, Children of Men, Falling Skies, and Jericho (along with countless others), The Aftermath is an improvised look into the lives of the survivors of a world ending cataclysm, their hardships and hopes, what they had to give up and what they’ll never let go of, and most importantly how they move forward.

director: Jordan T. Maxwell
assistant director: Cindy Page
set and graphic design: Kaci Beeler
ensemble cast: Haley Alea Erickson, Lori Hobbie, Barrett Phelan, Cassidy Santaguida, Josh Santo, Sushant Sethi, Sunaina Suhag, JR Zambrano
technical crew: Rob Heil, Alli Huston, Sarah Hutchins
photography: Steve Rogers