One Small Step

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One Small Step

Space – terrifying and vast, only the bravest men and women will face this final frontier. Locked together in their lonely space ship these intrepid explorers will face a journey full of discovery, danger and romance. One Small Step follows these bold space travelers as they improvise their way from lift-off to touchdown on their new distant planet.

From hilarious moments of triumph over everyday obstacles like eating in Zero G to thrilling space walks, this improvised comedy features some of The Hideout’s upcoming best and brightest performers in a brand new show directed by Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis.

One Small Step: Improvised Adventures in Space. Every Saturday at 6pm in February! 

Directed by: Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis
Technical Improvisers: Michael Yew, Donnie Garcia, and Ripley Adams
Cast: Chris Canada, Courtney Ray Goodson, Amanda Hinsman, Cagney Ortiz, David Ronn, Luis Salinas, Cindy Ward and Aspen Webster.
Graphic and Scenic Design by: Kaci Beeler
Photography by: Steve Rogers Photography
Runtime: 2 Acts, 80 minutes with intermission