Horrors, Mr. Darcy!

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Horrors, Mr. Darcy!

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally come, dear reader.
The day when we take our popular erotic Jane Austen show, Heavens, Mr. Darcy! and make it HORRORS, MR. DARCY! to embrace this season of spooks and scares. That’s right, this is the day when Jane Austen characters finally succumb to their innermost desires – scenes of sinful scintillating salutations and clever courting conundrums… and for ONE NIGHT ONLY… when we see things go beyond sensual into the realm of the undead

Oh my, did you see Miss Bradshaw’s finger linger on the hem of her glove for a moment too long as she looked at Pastor Ellington? Does she love him or does she wish to suck his blood? How impertinent! What is Dr. Hammersmith doing all those long hours at Ms. Tilly Gladwell’s bedside? Where is that insufferable moaning coming from? Have we rid all the ghouls and ghosts from the formal parlour? And, my goodness, where are Mr. and Mrs. Gravely?! They haven’t left their barnyard loft for hours! It’s just a quaint and sleepy country estate….or is it?

Join our top-notch cast of award-winning improvisers who will bring the quiet romance and boundless politeness of Jane Austen to the throws of ravenous passion, desire, and SCARES we’ve all been waiting our very long lives for. Horrors, Mr. Darcy! is a play that is all completely improvised on the spot, complete with period costumes and music! (18+ only, please!) That’s right. This version of the show promises to be both SCARY and SEXY. So leave the kiddies at home!

As always we’ll have our signature TAWDRY TOAST TO ALL THINGS UNLADYLIKE, so don’t forget to buy a beverage in the coffee house and bring it into to the theater to join in!

Join us for a very special Horrors, Mr. Darcy!: Improvised Erotic & Horrific Jane Austen only at The Hideout Theatre – Friday Oct 27th at 8pm
This Week’s Cast: Kaci Beeler, Margaret Hunsicker, Roy Janik, Courtney Hopkin, Rob Yoho and Special Guest J.R. Zambrano!
With Michael Yew on Sound and Jay Mahavier on Lights