Hideout Hoot Night

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Hideout Hoot Night

A Different Theme Every Time!

A Different Theme Every Time!

In the tradition of the Austin music scene’s hoot nights, we’re putting on Hideout Hoot Night.

Each week will pay tribute to a different genre, such as Sci-Fi, Animal Buddy Flicks, and more. Three improv troupes will perform a set taking inspiration from the night’s theme.

Hosted by Austin’s infamous bad boy, Adrian Gonzalez.

Here are the list of Theme Nights for Season One:

May 14th – Science Fiction
Friends on Facebook, RonDon Martelli, Alpha Quest
(think Cowboy Bebop, Barbarella, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien)

May 21st – Hallmark Movies
Dog Jogger’s Presents: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Theme Warriors, Hank, The Misplays
(think. Christmas Prince, A Grandpa for Christmas)

May 28th – Animal Buddy
Cooper & Reich, Hills to Die On, Build-A-Bexar presents ____
(think Air Bud, Homeward Bound, Turner & Hooch, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch)

June 4th – Noir
Doom Raccoons, Butterfly Defect, Put Your Lips Together and Blow

(think Maltese Falcon, The Killing, Casablanca, The Big Sleep)

June 11th – Hyper Specific/Magical School
The House of the Bleeding Chicken, Rat Queen Syndicate, The Misplays

(think Sky High, My Hero Academia, Harry Potter)

June 18th – Horror
Butterfly Defect, Skivvies, Prayer Circle

(think Frankenstein, Scream, Five Nights at Freddy’s)

June 25th – High School Comedy
House Party, The Cuddle Squad, Hometown

(think Mean Girls, Election, High School Musical, Glee, Bring it On)

July 2nd – Ancient Greek Epic
Hometown, Golden: Silent Improvised Theatre, SHARON

(think The Odyssey, Lysistrata, Clash of the Titans)

Show Running Time: One Hour