Glitter Witch

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Glitter Witch




At the undeadly price of $5

With Special Guest: Katy Wiggins


A medium and a detective investigate a haunted house

What could possibly go wrong?

The award winning troupe Glitter Witch is back again this time serving up some Hexatious vibes.

They’ve kidnap…er, um…recruited improvisor extraordinaire Katy Wiggins to bring the spooky in this spooktacular.

The house makes weird noises, strange things have been happening, the family is terrified! It’s time to call in the experts – a medium who specializes in understanding the language and needs of the dead, and a detective who specializes in uncovering old mysteries, even when everyone else is trying to keep them hidden. Throw in a camera man, a terrified family, and an odd assortment of neighbors and townspeople and you have a recipe for a truly hauntlarious show.

Most disturbing – it’s only $5



Sh** the audience has said about our shows:

That was so much fun! Thank you!”- Anonymous audience member while avoiding eye contact.

Loved every minute of it! Such a creative and fun format.” – That slightly creepy guy, was he hitting on us?

My date and I are thinking about going again it was so good” – They never came back.

It was like hanging out with my mates” – Said by a British person, so you know it’s an understatement.

Wondering where to go afterward with your friends? We suggest:

Las Perlas for Bandera Shots, chips and Quac – 405 E. 7th

Casino El Camino for a really good burger and beer – 517 E. 6th

The Stephen F. Austin for fancy cocktails on their second-floor balcony – 701 Congress Ave.