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Coming to the Hideout Theatre on Saturdays at 8PM in May and June, Fiasco is an improvised story of a crime caper gone wrong. Fiasco is equally based off the award-winning storytelling game of the same name and the films of the Coen Brothers.

The show spins tales of disastrous schemes, doomed plots, ambitious (and often stupid) people in over their heads, and the dire (and hilarious) consequences of their poorly thought out actions. A show based off a game is a new and exciting move for The Hideout.

“I’ve been a fan of Fiasco (the game) for ages, and I’ve always wanted to capture its sense of giddy disaster for the stage,” says director Peter Rogers. “The game is an ingenious, fun system for setting characters on disastrous paths, giving them impulsive and catastrophic decisions, and watching it all end in glorious ruin.”

Come watch this delightfully dangerous crime caper gone wrong, Fiasco! Saturdays at 8pm in May & June. 

Production Staff:
Hideout Artistic Director – Roy Janik
Director – Peter Rogers
Asst. Director – Kevin Miller
Tech Director – Lindsey McGowen
Graphic & Scenic Design – Kaci Beeler
Stage Manager – Joy Parks
Photographer – Steve Rogers
Scoring Lead/Sound Swing – Cindy Page
Sound Effects Lead – Jay Mahavier
Scoring Tech – Kelly Campbell
Light & Multimedia Lead – Lindsey McGowen
Lighting Tech – Nichole Bennett
Multimedia Tech – Thedward Blevins
Video Production Assistance – Brent Chismark
Aspen Webster, Brett Tribe, Chuy Zarate, Erin Molson, J. R. Zambrano, Jeff Britt, Jessica von Schramm, Katie Dahm, Marc Majcher, Michael Joplin, Monica Martinez Maher, Nicole Oliver


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