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Consensual Hex

A Filthy Harry Potter Show: Valentine’s Slay Edition

Consensual Hex, A Filthy & Sexy Harry Potter Show: Valentine’s Slay Edition ONLY Feb 14th & 15th


From the makers of Heavens, Mr. Darcy: Improvised Erotic Jane Austen comes a brand new live erotic comedy:
Consensual Hex: A Filthy (and Sexy) Harry Potter Show

You know you’ve always wanted to peek into The Restricted Section at Snogwarts…*ahem* Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, now you filthy lot can. We know you – you probably grew up reading the books or watching the Harry Potter films, or maybe you came *cough* into them recently and YOU’VE-KIND-OF-NEVER-STOPPED-BEING-OBSESSED…but some stuff is just..missing from them. Fancy some Potter that’s a bit Hotter? You’ve come *cough* to the right place.

Our cast of rabid HP fans are also experienced actors & improvisers ready to take your suggestions and turn them into live & hilarious adult fan fiction right before your eyes. What happens when Hermione & Bellatrix are locked in an Azkaban cell together? What if Snape gave his potions class a different kind of punishment when they spilled their homework? Just exactly what kind of shrieking goes on in the shrieking shack?
Also – let’s pair practically anyone or anything with Dobby and watch that go down!

This month is also an exxxtra special VALENTINE’S SLAY edition so get ready for some LOVEly fun, trivia for prizes, and other exxxciting entertainment for all the 18+ fans we can pack into the theater.

Buy a drink in the Hideout Coffee House to bring into the show.
Feel free to dress up and come *cough* ready for a CONSENSUAL HEX!

Cast: Kaci Beeler, Angie E., Cass Gutierrez, Christian Lewis, Courtney Hopkin, Margaret Hunsicker, Ace Manning, Way Spurr-Chen, J.R. Zambrano
Tech: Autumn Mason on Lights, Michael Haywood on Sound

Warning: This show is for adults 18+ only and features adult themes and situations.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes.