Best Friends

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Best Friends

A Comedy-Drama improvised Romance about Two Best Friends

A Comedy-Drama improvised Romance about Two Best Friends

Best Friends is a Comedy-Drama improvised Romance.

It’s about two friends that spend countless hours hanging out while navigating high school together.

We see what makes their relationship special. From the inside jokes, to how they know their best friend’s meal order at their favorite take-out spot in town, right down to the mango mochi for dessert.

Ok, this all sounds great but what happens when one of them realizes that they are in love with their best friend?

How do they tell their best friend?

Will their relationship change and make everything awkward?

Maybe the quirky-but-wise-nonetheless Shakespeare teacher has a strong opinion on this teenage relationship because why wouldn’t they!?

Does the friend reciprocate these feelings and now they’re living a beautiful magical fairytale?

Let’s find out together.

Best Friends takes place Sundays at 8pm. Specifically June 14, 21, 28, and July 5.


Cast: Adrian Prado, An Nguyen, Andrew Enright, Bridget Bechtel, Hal Boswell, Haylie Navarre, Jess Cobaugh, Sam Greenleaf
Michael Raymond – scoring
Production Staff:
Kendall Raymond & Rachel Creason – Directors
Steven Rutkowski – Stage Manager

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