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American Brass

Who Gets The Keys To The Empire?

Who Gets The Keys To The Empire?

Improv Comedy inspired by the hit TV show Succession


“I’m fascinated by the rich and how they operate and engage with the world.”
-Jessica von Schramm, American Brass Co-Director


If you’ve never seen or even heard of Succession, the hit show on HBO Max, you will still love “American Brass.” The reasons are simple:

  • Who doesn’t love a train wreck? Watch a powerful family plow headlong into oblivion, fueled by their own flaws.
  • It’s funny– Darkly funny, awkwardly funny, absurdly funny. It’s a funhouse mirror held up to the elites of society who play games of power for their own amusement.
  • It’s full of characters you’ll love to hate. Power-hungry, Back-Stabbing, Money-Grubbing ladder climbers.
  • You’ll get a satisfying ending. Unlike “Succession,” we won’t string you along for season after season. By the end of the show, you’ll know who emerges on top, and who goes crashing to the ground.

But What is It?
Like “Succession,” American Brass is a fictional, satirical, dark comedy/drama which dives into the dysfunctional relationships of a family running a massively powerful business.

Unlike “Succession,” American Brass is completely improvised- made up in the moment using audience suggestions and the skill of the performers. AND it’s a comedy.

Win Valuable Prizes
At intermission you’ll have a chance to vote for who you think will emerge victorious. Guess right, and your name might be selected to win a gift card to use on our drink and food items.

Because of the show it’s based on, “American Brass” should be considered Rated R. Adult language, Adult situations, and Childish temper tantrums will inevitably be present in the show. It’s HBO, after all.

The show running length is roughly 100 minutes, including intermission.

Stage Improvisers:
Aspen Webster, Brandon Martin, Cat Drago, Estevan J. Chuy Zarate, Christian Lewis, Jessica von Schramm, Jordan T. Maxwell, Lahari Dunn, Lisa Michelle Jackson, Luis Salinas, Neil Dorsey, Rachel Posey Austin, Suzanne Link

Technical Improvisers:
Michael Yew – Technical Director
Brad Hawkins – Sound, Scoring
Mitchell Deane, Braden Baumbach – Lights

Stage Managers:
Ali Pappa
Colleen Bean Ryan

Assistant Director:
Adrian Prado

Jessica von Schramm
Lahari Dunn