Marathoner Profile: Caitlin Sweetlamb

This weekend (Friday June 17- Sunday June 19) Hideout Improv Marathon in which 8 improvisors perform for 47 hours.

This is one in a series of short profiles of each of the 8 performers. Read a little bit about them and then watch them slowly lose their minds over the course of the weekend during the 47-Hour Improv Marathon.

1. What comfort item are you bringing?


2. What about the marathon most excites you?

I believe the Marathon will present many many opportunities to practice RADICAL, UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of the present moment and to grapple with the ephemeral nature of human existence. Also fart jokes.

3. What about the marathon most scares you?

Losing perspective; losing focus; shutting down; giving up.

4. What’s your pump up jam?

Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop.” Duh.

Get your tickets for the marathon here! This year’s marathon will also be a fundraiser to raise money for the Hideout Youth Program. If you would like to donate to this fund, which allows kids who normally can’t a chance to take improv classes, head to our donation page!