Marathoner Profile: Ace Manning

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This weekend (Friday June 17- Sunday June 19) is the Hideout Improv Marathon in which 8 improvisors perform for 47 hours.

This is the 8th in a series of short profiles of each of the 8 performers. Read about them and then watch them slowly lose their minds over the course of the weekend during the 47-Hour Improv Marathon.

Ace didn’t answer the blog post questionnaire so we made up some answers for him.

1. What comfort item are you bringing?

Comfort is futile.

2. What about the marathon most excites you?

Excitement only leads to disappointment.

3. What about the marathon most scares you?

Fear and existence are the same.

4. What’s your pump up jam?

Nothing Else Matters

Get your tickets for the marathon here! The marathon is a fundraiser for the Hideout Youth Program. Sponsor Ace to support improv classes for kids!