Birthday Parties

Virtual Birthdays are fun with Hideout Kids!

Make your virtual birthday parties more delightful with a bit of improv!

Improv Games:

We’ll have a highly trained and super fun improv teacher show up in your virtual party to lead games and make sure everyone is having a great time.  We have a ton of games that we’ve been playing in virtual summer camps and classes – so we know what works here and how to make sure the kids stay engaged! We can use our zoom meeting or join your virtual meeting.

Max # of kids – 12.


30 minutes – $100 – great for 5-8 year olds

45 minutes – $125 – perfect for kids 8-12

1 hour – $150 – awesome for pre-teens and teens



We’ll have 5 improv performers create a delightful show for your kids – using Zoom features such polling and the chat function the kids will help choose the direction of the story as well as details and characters.  This is a great option for larger groups as everyone still has fun and can engage.


45-50 minute show – $500 – $750 depending on number of children.





Currently unavailable

Bring Hideout Kids to your place:

We will bring our show out to your home, community center, church, or whatever location we’ll fit in!  We will perform for about 45 minutes and then the cast will stay and mingle with the children afterwards.  This is perfect if you have a large number of guests and access to a large facility. The total cost for this awesome party is $800 – though mileage charges may apply outside of the Austin area.

Interested in an Improv Birthday Party? Contact us for more information!