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The Exploration of an Avant Garde Journey

December 7, 2016 jonbolden 0
We asked cast member and soon-to-be Hideout Graduate, Chris Villafano, to talk about his experience in the current Hideout Student Mainstage show, The Untitled Avant-Garde Theater Project With a Really Long Title. He chose to do so in his own artistic style and voice. Enjoy this flight of fancy and [...]
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The Untitled Blog Post from a Cast Member With a Really Long Title

November 21, 2016 jonbolden 0
We asked cast member and Hideout Theater graduate, Cristy Salinas, to talk about her experience with the upcoming student mainstage show: There’s buzz. Murmurs. Excitement. All surrounding the Hideout Theatre’s last student mainstage of 2016: The Untitled Avant-garde Theater Project With a Really Long Title. There’s a story, and then [...]
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Three Thoughts on Improvised Chekhov

November 2, 2014 jonbolden 1

By cast member Andrew Buck, originally posted at I’m currently rehearsing for a show called Nothing & Everything: Improvised Anton Chekhov Plays, which opens in a couple of weekends at The Hideout Theatre. After two months submerging myself in Chekhov’s play and turn-of-the-century Russian history, let’s see if I […]

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Real Camp Stories, Part 1: Just Beyond the Campfire

March 31, 2014 jonbolden 2

By Rachel Austin, a cast member of the new improvised summer camp show Camp Madeupponaspotta (opens this Saturday at 6pm). The smoke burned my eyes, causing tears to trickle down my sunburned cheeks. The butterflies in my stomach threatened to burst through my mouth but likely appearing as the s […]

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Why Austin Secrets Needs You

September 5, 2013 jonbolden 0

We are about to enter our fourth season of Austin Secrets, the show that The Hideout Theatre is arguably most known for. I couldn’t imagine a better show to have as a flagship. The show has everything that we want in improv: emotion, complex relationships, stories, humor, drama, interesting character. My […]

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Improv & Speech Therapy

August 14, 2012 jonbolden 6

Almost a year after I received improv classes from my husband as a Christmas gift, I finally made it down to the Hideout for Level 1. The objective of Level 1, and I suppose many other introductory courses, is geared toward relinquishing a need to know everything before it happens, letting go of […]