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RSVP for Theatresports

The Hideout is running Thearesports shows on Sundays this fall and every week we’ll need:

-Team Captains, Players, Judges, Commentators, Moderators, Scorekeepers, Lights & Sound Tech

This will be a full-on Theatresports show. Here’s a breakdown of what that looks like:

5:45 Show meeting. We’ll take a few minutes to assign all the various roles necessary to make the show happen (team captains, hosts, tech, judges, etc.) This meeting is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY for anyone participating in the show.
6pm Form teams, warm up and prep for the show.
6:30pm-8pm Theatresports! Including a 10-minute rookie round, a 10-minute improv demo, a 15 to 20-minute Danish match, 10-minute intermission, and a 35-minute regular match in the second half. We will be lining up some experienced improvisers ahead of time to make sure we have a deep enough bench for the second half of the show.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be on a team any given week, but I guarantee we’ll use EVERYONE who shows up in some capacity necessary to making this show happen (in the summer run, everyone who showed up hoping to play was able to get stage time). We need a huge range of experience and diverse points of view. The whole point of Theatresports is to be an inclusive, training-friendly format and a kick-ass experience for audiences.

The mission is to do a big, bold Theatresports that fulfills the promise that ANYTHING can happen. Games are welcome, but we’ll be making space for theater, spectacle, songs, stories, and anything else you’re passionate about bringing to the stage.

If you know you’re coming on any given week, please RSVP below so we know what we’re dealing with. But feel free to also just show up if you find yourself free on a Sunday! The more the merrier.