Big News!

The May/June mainstage will be a brand new show!

It’s called “The Good, The Bad, and The Weird”, and it’ll be directed by none other than Jordan T. Maxwell.

tl/dr: the audition signup form is here:

We’re back into the fray with a good-ole-fashioned improvised genre narrative. Actually TWO genres.

“The Good, The Bad, and The Weird” will be “a pulpy mix of spaghetti western and B-movie horror, celebrating the blood splatter, cheap effects, campy storytelling, and evocative music of both, and drawing heavily from the ‘weird west’ genre popularized in novels and comics, combining western tropes and frontier folklore with occult horror and fantasy!”

Image result for horror western

We’re looking for a diverse cast of performers, a full tech crew, makeup and special effects folk, and a stage manager.

Auditions are this upcoming Sunday, the 15th!

And the form is now livvveeeeee:

We’re real excited about this, y’all. Sign up now!