Announcing the 47 Hour Improv Marathon Schedule

Do you want to know what each separate hour of the 47-Hour Improv Marathon is in more detail? Well, here you go. Each hour will feature all eight of our core marathon performers, of course, but most hours will also include special guests, unique formats and styles, and new challenges for body and mind. Most people come and watch several hours in a row!

1Friday5PMKid MixerThe Kids from the Hideout Summer Camp get the Marathon kickstarted right.
2Friday6PMAnd They're OffThe core cast gets to know one another in this anything-goes hour
3Friday7PMStart Trekkin'The Hideout's hit take on the original Star Trek Series. Set phasers to 'fun'.
4Friday8PMFancy PantsThe Fanciest Pantiest improv show in the Galaxy!
5Friday9PMThe Knuckleball NowThe fastest, quickest-wits in town. Scenes, characters, puns and plot-twists speed by in a rollercoaster of laughs.
6Friday10PMPGraphThis award-winning, internationally touring group blends humor, drama, and storytelling in unexpected ways.
7Friday11PMFranz and Dave Present Pine FallsThe characters of Kafka and Lynch collaborate on a "movie" based on the audience's suggestion
8Saturday12AMBad BoysThe wildly popular ColdTowne troupe crashes the party
9Saturday1AMTech NightmareThe tech booth rebels and controls the performers with random sounds, lighting cues, and music.
10Saturday2AMOrphans, Orphans, Orphans!It's a musical! About Orphans! What more do you need, man?
11Saturday3AMGoldenImprovised Silent Stories, a chance for the 8 to rest their voices
12Saturday4AMColdTowneThe Bat: improv in the dark... AKA a cruel trick to play on the Marathoners
13Saturday5AMControl IssuesA really awesome show we were forced to change the name of. Formerly "Choose Your Own Adventure." The audience decides the fate of the story.
14Saturday6AMOf Mice and Mostly WomenBad ass teen troupe, Of Mice and Mostly Women, brings their signature spunk and sophistication to the stage one last time before college!
15Saturday7AMThe 46ersA blast from the past. The Marathon cast from last year's 46 Hour Improv Marathon return
16Saturday8AMMinority ReportMinority Report lays down their original format, the Living Mono-pop.
17Saturday9AMDubbed IndemnityFamous movie and TV clips have had their sound removed, and it's up to the cast to dub new dialogue. Challenging and hilarious. A Marathon Tradition!
18Saturday10AMBuilding ConnectionsStudents from the Building Connections improv classes join the Marathoners. This program is what we're raising money for!
19Saturday11AMLoverboy (tentative)Loverboy uses real dating stories to inspire their fast-paced and exciting improv show.
20Saturday12PMWhat's the Story, Steve?An adorable (and real!) dog goes on an adventure, aided by improv.
21Saturday1PMAlamo City ImprovThe improv scene in San Antonio is exploding, so we've invited them to come join in the fun
22Saturday2PMHappy Fun TownAdult comedic improv show, currently in the midst of a run at The Institution, in the style of children's television shows.
23Saturday3PMThe Eye in the StormThe midpoint of the show... and a brief respite for the core 8 to do whatever they want. This is when they need you the most. Come cheer them on.
24Saturday4PMCharles Dickens Unleashed!The classic Hideout Mainstage returns: Improvised Tales of Victorian England in the style of Charles Dickens
25Saturday5PMHistory Under the InfluenceAn improvised (and sleep-deprived!) episode of Drunk History. Really tired people. Really drunk narrator.
26Saturday6PMThe Secret Life of Inanimate ObjectsAn improvised adventure starring the things all around us. The current Hideout 6pm Mainstage.
27Saturday7PMGirls Girls GirlsAn improvised Broadway-style musical by the award-winning, long-running group.
28Saturday8PMFiasco 1.1An improvised crime caper gone wrong, inspired the ingenious films of the coen brothers
29Saturday9PMFiasco 1.2An improvised crime caper gone wrong, inspired the ingenious films of the coen brothers. Hour 2!
30Saturday10PMMaestro 2.1The Hideout's longest-running improv show. Elimination-style improv games and scenes!
31Saturday11PMMaestro 2.2The Hideout's longest-running improv show. Elimination-style improv games and scenes! Hour 2!
32Sunday12AMPuppet Improv ProjectWhat's better than improv with puppets? Improv with puppets starring improvisers who haven't slept in 32 hours. A Marathon tradition!
33Sunday1AMHardish BodiesHard-ish Bodies: Stripping away male vulnerability one piece at a time. An improvised story about a male strip club, with real live dancing.
34Sunday2AMThe Black VaultImprovised Cosmic horror inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
35Sunday3AMBad Is GoodOur worst fears about performance woven into gold through improv alchemy. Based on a show from Vancouver.
36Sunday4AMGigglepantsThe boisterous group from The University of Texas (one of Austin's longest running groups) joins the fray and brings the games.
37Sunday5AMThe Force AwakensStar Wars: The Force Awakens was a hell of a film
38Sunday6AMMC HaroldImprovised Hip Hop Comedy from the hardest working troupe in showbiz.
39Sunday7AMTeenage WastelandThat last party of high school where secrets are revealed, substances are consumed, revenge schemes are hatched, and loves are confessed.
40Sunday8AMiZARZAMORA!iZARZAMORA! employs historical inaccuracies to help explain today's truths.
41Sunday9AMPhysics Curse Eats BurgersPhysics Curse doing their thing, while eating... burgers? I dunno, man.
42Sunday10AMConfidence Men2-time B Iden Payne Award winning Confidence Men present improv in the style of David Mamet.
43Sunday11AMDamn, Gina!Damn, Gina! is Austin's first all-black female improv troupe. Ya dig?
44Sunday12PMThe Secret Showwhat's this gonna be? WHO KNOWS? A Marathon Tradition
45Sunday1PMThe Available CupholdersAustin improv legends make it go. Not to be missed.
46Sunday2PMFakespeareAn improvised play in the style of William Shakespeare, and an insane feat for Marathoners near the finish line to complete.
47Sunday3PMFinal ShowThe victory lap of the 8 core Marathoners. They're free to do whatever they like... except sleep.

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