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On Building Worlds

February 28, 2014 Roy Janik 0

On Building Worlds David Schwartz When Ruby, the director of What The F@#$!, taught me the term “world-building,” something suddenly clicked. Though its title previously eluded me, it had always been one of my favorite aspects of improv. Imagine: establishing enough platform and context to allow an audience to suspend […]

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A Hideout Love Letter

February 18, 2014 Roy Janik 3

by Jennifer Paine, Hideout House Manager I took my time walking downtown last week as I made my way to the Hideout. I love the idea of being in a downtown, a little town compressed into a walkable area. I watched the people, heard the music, was encompassed by trees, […]

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I Heart WTF

February 17, 2014 Roy Janik 1

By Chris Albano On February 1, 2014, I played my first show with the cast of What The Fuck. I didn’t realize until the next day that there was basically no better way for me to spend that night: I moved to Austin on February 2, 2013, and I can’t […]

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The Starborn Descend

February 4, 2014 Roy Janik 1

The Starborn, the brainchild of Mia Iseman and Ryan Austin, headlines The Threefer in February of 2014. Here’s a little chat with them about the show and everything that goes into i. What is The Starborn? How is it different from other improv shows? MIA: The Starborn is more interactive with the audience than […]

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Carefree and Fearless: Thoughts on What the F@$#

February 3, 2014 Roy Janik 0

By Lindsay Hejl A few years ago I chose to get a tattoo on my hand that translates to both “carefree” and “fearless.” Those two words are very similar yet they each carry a slightly different weight. For a while I saw them as separate. My tattoo had two meanings […]