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Guest Villain: Tom Booker

May 27, 2011 Roy Janik 0

Tom talks to us about Charles Manson, Billy the Balloon Boy, and trespassing with a true rebel, all in anticipation of his upcoming stint as a villain in this weekend’s Holy 1960s Batman, Batman!

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Guest Villain: Asaf Ronen

May 21, 2011 Roy Janik 0

Asaf Ronen, improv luminary, is stepping into the role of a Batman villain in Holy 1960s Batman, Batman! We talk to him about what he likes in a good villain.

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Guest Villain: Mike Kinald

May 12, 2011 Roy Janik 0

Holy 1960s Batman, Batman! is currently playing Saturdays at 8pm. Every show features a guest villain, and the second guest is Mike Kinald, a founding member of Improv for Evil, a master of silly accents, and a 1960s Batman fighting-style expert. So let’s talk to Mike! Roy: I’m particularly excited […]

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Guest Villain: Shannon McCormick

May 6, 2011 Roy Janik 0

Shannon McCormick has made a career of playing villains, so it’s only fitting that he is the first guest villain in Holy 1960s Batman, Batman! On the eve of the show, we talk to him about his life of evil