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Baudecliffe Reviews

July 24, 2010 Roy Janik 2

Sometimes we’ll do 2 months of shows and never get a single review. But our second Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe? show was attended by 3 different reviewers… from Now Playing Austin, The Austin American Statesman, and The Austinist. Here are our favorite quotes from the articles… What is real […]

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Improv for Dog Trainers

July 22, 2010 Roy Janik 1

Roy Janik, Artistic Director and dog owner here. A while ago, my wife and I got a puppy. A cute, little crazy puppy. We knew right away that she was smart… she learned how to sit on command almost immediately. We just had no real idea how to train her. […]

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Organic Discovery

July 19, 2010 Roy Janik 0

One of the skills we teach and reiterate in our improv classes is “Being in the Moment”. That means not worrying about the future, about what you think should happen. It means paying attention to what is going on right now

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

July 16, 2010 Roy Janik 0

Roy here. I’ve been contemplating writing a blog post about 1) why you should see The Battle of the Sexes, which features two outstanding peformers from Dad’s Garage in Atlanta, and 2) why, if you’re an improviser, you should take the Dad’s Garage workshops. But then it hit me. Far […]

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Interview with Kevin Gillese of Dad’s Garage

July 12, 2010 kbadr 0

As you all know, we’re bringing two fantastic improvisers down from Dad’s Garage in Atlanta this weekend. In addition to teaching some workshops (spots are still left, by the way), Kevin and Amber will also be captaining the teams in The Battle of the Sexes Improv Showdown at The Long Center Saturday, July 17th. The Hideout recently interviewed Kevin (via email) to find out more about the Dad’s Garage style, the joy of TheatreSports, and the great improv longform/shortform debate. He was delightfully–and brutally– honest.

Hideout Theatre: You started out in Edmonton before you moved to Atlanta. Is there a noticeable difference in style between Canadian and American improvisation?

Kevin Gillese: RFT [Rapid Fire Theatre, in Edmonton] and Dad’s are so connected aesthetically, and have been for many years. I think that’s the reason that I feel like the improv is so similar. The truth is that every city in Canada has a different style