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We Now Have an Intro Video!

February 26, 2010 kaci 0

Kaci here! I’m letting you know that starting in March the Hideout Theatre will be playing an informative and badass intro video before every show. I’ve always wanted to make this sort of video (I love setting images to music) and after seeing similar things go well in other venues […]

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Death to Secrets

February 25, 2010 Roy Janik 4

How do we know, beyond mere ticket sales, that audiences are loving Austin Secrets? Well, it turns out, we actually have metrics for that.

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Valentine’s Day is WHEN?

February 11, 2010 Roy Janik 0

Your solemn vow to make this year’s Valentine’s Day unique and special is once again going to get delegated to next year. If you hurry right now, you might still be able to reservations at… somewhere. Right?

But wait.

There’s hope.

We feel your pain, and we’ve got the solution.