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The Secrets Thus Far

Want to see the secrets we’ve used in the first 4 shows of Austin Secrets?

Each show has a Curator who assembles a collection of secrets for a given show. The secrets inspire the scenework, and none of the performers have seen the secrets beforehand.

Technology is a wonderful thing. The slides are assembled online, using  Google Presentations, Google’s web-based answer to PowerPoint. One of the benefits of doing it this way is that Google makes it easy to share and embed a presentation on any webpage. So here are the presentations for your enjoyment.

If you’d like to submit a secret of your own, or come to a future show, head to http://hideouttheatre.com/austinsecrets

2 Responses to “The Secrets Thus Far”

  1. I think this is a brilliant idea… did you guys get enough submission from the website alone to create a show? or did you have to pull some from the audience? Was it more dramatic improv of comedy improv?

  2. Roy Janik says:

    Hey Preston. The secrets used in the show are a mix of secrets submitted to the show via the webform, secrets submitted via postcards distributed in Austin, and secrets pulled from PostSecret.com. Usually about a 3rd of the secrets come from Austin.

    The type of improv we perform depends on the secret. If it’s a silly, or light secret than the resulting scene is more comedic. But if the secret is more serious, then our scene reflects that. The guiding principle of the show is to respect the tone of the secret.

    This leads to a show that is a great mix of both dramatic and comedic scenes.

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