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The 17th annual WaffleFest is a three-day improv comedy festival featuring the best of the Austin Improv scene, with ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT waffles at every show!

The 2018 WaffleFest will take place Nov. 15th-17th.

Improv comedy in Austin is growing exponentially, and it can be hard to get a handle on everything that’s going on.

Fortunately, WaffleFest features over 23 different troupes from all the improv camps in town, all united under one sticky banner of free waffles.

And it’s not just waffles, either. Included in the admission are all the toppings you could want- butter, whipped cream, strawberries, syrup, chocolate sauce, and Nutella.

With every passing month, the Austin improv scene is gaining more national attention and respect. Come find out why. If you’re already hooked on improv, this is a great chance to catch your favorite troupes.  If you’re new to the scene, come check out a show or two and figure out what you like.

This November get all the waffles and improv comedy you can eat.