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The Free Fringe

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Austin improv scene is bursting with creativity.

There are hundreds of performers, and every single one of them is prone to saying things like “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…?” or “I just had the most insane idea.”

This is where those dreams go, not to die, but to live gloriously on the stage for one night only.

Every week will be dramatically different.

There could be shows with improvisers tied up in rope, 50 performers onstage, blindfolded actors, improvising dogs, or 1000 other things.


Reserve your tickets in advance to guarantee yourself a spot.


Consider tossing a couple bucks at our Kids Improv Scholarship Program. You can donate as little as $1 when you complete your Free Fringe reservation below.  


The Four Horsegirls of the Apocalypse, produced by Alex Walker
The greatest troupe that never was! Aspen Webster, Margaret Hunsicker, Alex Walker, and Nicole Oliver. Wine tasting inspires scenework in a whirlwind of comedy.

Honey Ladies
Honey Ladies is an all female troupe that lean towards a grounded and fun experience. We aim to embark on a journey of women stereotypes and slash them down in a funny/thought provoking way.

Arjet Universe, with Nicole Oliver
The Arjet Universe features Arjet and a guest or guests performing and playing in a world without bounds. This show is always new and fresh based on the guest of the week with intense relationships, thoughtful dialogue, and unique stories. Enjoy this playful romp through the far reaches of the unknown – the Arjet Universe!

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.