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Dubbed Indemnity

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Yeah, sure, movies are fun. GREAT even.
But there’s a problem.
Every time you watch a movie, the same stuff happens. They say the same things.


That’s where improv comes in.

In Dubbed Indemnity, our crack team of improvisers makes up completely new dialoge for famous and not-so-famous movie clips. So it’s new every time. And, funny, too!

Laugh along as the performers have to create characters, conversations, and sound effects all from scratch for clips they’re not expecting and have never seen. Sometimes they’ll succeed spectacularly and something they’ll fail gloriously.

But that’s half the fun.

Right before Dubbed Indemnity is…

The Lottery

In which some lucky Hideout improv students (or anyone else who wants to put their name in the hat) will be chosen to improvise on stage with the Hideout’s top performers.