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Big Gay Musical

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It’s here! It’s queer! It’s an improvised musical!

NEWS FLASH: This sold-out run has been EXTENDED for TWO Sundays in September!

The Hideout Theatre presents Big Gay Musical: An Improvised Super Super Gay Musical, the biggest, bestest, queerest Broadway musical that never existed! 

Every Saturday at 8pm in July and August, a Big Gay Musical will be created before your eyes as an homage to broadway and inspired by true stories from LGBTQIA+- identifying monologists told onstage during the show! 

This never-before-seen, never-to-be-seen-again Big Gay Musical will feature queer protagonists, queer love stories and a whole heap of VERY EXTRA queer anthems.

“I wanted to make a space where our stories could get the focus for a change!” says director Bridget Brewer. For most of the history of musical theater, the narratives have centered on heteronormative, white, cis-heterosexual storylines. 

Connection is at the heart of this show, and it’s the legacy I want us to leave behind when the curtain finally falls.  We’re here, we’re queer, come join us!



Each of Big Gay Musical’s seven shows will raise money for a different local LGBTQIA+ organization! We’re partnering with folks like Fat Bottom Cabaret, OUTsider Fest, and OutYouth, among other incredible organizations.

It’s got joy!  It’s got courage!  It’s got heart!  It’s got love!  And above all, it’s got a whole lotta GLITTER, honey!


Director: Bridget Brewer
Assistant Director: Frank Sánchez
Musical Direction: Ammon Taylor
Technical Director: Cindy Page
Stage Manager: Mia Cisco
Light Design: Cindy Page, Brandi Davis, Paul Weiner
Hair, Makeup, Costumes: Elizaveta Dovgish
Master Electrician: Lindsey McGowen
Scenic and Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Photography: Steve Rogers
Community Liaisons: Chuy Zarate, Jessica von Schramm

Bridget BrewerFrank SánchezRachel AustinTrent ThomsonLadislao LoeraAspen WebsterCasey Marie QuinlanMarissa MacyLuke WallensCaeriel CrestinChelsea BethTosin AwofesoTyler LaneJay Balcom

NEWS FLASH: This sold-out run has been EXTENDED for TWO Sundays in September!