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Story to the Death

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Life is short and you deserve only the best. Every Saturday in February at 6pm the improvisers of Story To The Death begin five completely different improvised stories, only to have the audience slowly but surely kill off the ones that fail to thrill and intrigue. One amazing story will survive to its exciting conclusion in the second half of the show.

Every single element of Story To The Death is completely improvised based on audience suggestions. We might start the night with 1) a Western, 2) a Soap Opera, 3) a touching story of redemption, 4) an Action Movie and 5) a Mockumentary. By the end of the night, based on YOUR CHOICES, we’ll see a story that has compelling characters, hilarious “special effects” and an epic, climactic ending.

Come help decide what story will survive this week in STORY TO THE DEATH! Saturdays at 6pm in February.

Director: Andy Crouch
Asst. Director: Jessica Soos
Technical Director: Sarah Hutchins
Stage Manager: KC Ryan
Acting Cast: Aaron Seriff-Cullick, Alex Bennett, Angelina Martin, Annie Shortt, Ashley Blom, David Ronn, Esperanza Rivadeneira, Ladislao Loera, Tess Forneris, Trent Thomson
Technical Crew: Tori Haddox, Laura Galan Wells, Peter Wilde
Graphic Design: Kaci Beeler
Photography: Steve Rogers Photography

The Hideout Theatre is committed to many types of diversity in our casts and crews.