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Holiday Party Disaster

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It’s the standard office party. You know the type…

* your co-workers are drinking too much and telling you about their personal lives

* the boss is drinking too much and telling things she shouldn’t about the company’s future

* you are drinking too much and flirting with the cute girl from accounting.

When suddenly DISASTER strikes!
But What sort of disaster??
is it:



a FIRE???


We won’t know until you, the audience tells us!

The rest of the party is a high stakes adventure to get out of this disastrous situation and get home.

Will we make it? Get your ticket now to find out.

Directors: Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis
Stage Manager: Thedward Blevins
Tech Director: Cindy Ward
DJ/scoring – Bonnie Dilber
Sound Effects – Ignacio Valdez
Lights – Mia Cisco
Graphic Design – Ashlee Jordan Pryor
Photography – Steve Rogers
Scott Peterson
Jason Hoppenworth
Jeffrey Chatman
Nicholas Gomez
David Kallison
Cass Garrison
Jennifer Banister
Kelly Hasandras
Stephanie Vasquez Fonseca