Ghost of Love

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Ghost of Love

This year in February for the Improvised Play Festival, we invited guest director Laura Doorneweerd-Perry from Amsterdam to put together a show just for the weekend.

We loved it so much that we’re bringing back the cast for a limited run of the show, “Ghost of Love,”  for three weekends.

“Ghost of Love” is a show of multiple love stories: young, old, passionate, bored, budding, recovering, familiar and unusual.

Romantic relationships are filled with words and actions – but maybe even more with what is not said, what is not heard, and what is not expressed.

Which secrets do we hold from each other?
What big emotions are we afraid to show?
Where does our mind wander to?


show creator: Laura Doorneweerd-Perry
directed by: Quinn Buckner
ensemble cast: Amanda Chang, Gabriela Vargas, Haylie Navarre, Megan Sherrod, Mark Gerchak, Shane Gannaway, Way Spurr-Chen , Westin Williams